Your Security Our Concern!

Your Safety our prime concern! Our security guards will counter any unexpected criminal intrusion into your buildings! Our trained guards will always on guard to stop every type of ill-will from even touching you and your walls.

We Provide Security Guards!

Your security requirements for residence, industrial zones, ATM, Bank, School, Construction sites and Farm houses are resolved with the association with Naik Security Services. Contact our team to know your best deal for security service in Punjab,Haryana.

Escort Security Officers

VIP visits and celebrity functions always attract speculations because of the security tensions they carry. Trust the name Secura for any security services, because once we bag the responsibility we allow no threat to enter our surveillance zone without our permission.

Why You Need Security!

In the present era security has become an indispensable part in every aspect of life. The sector is quite booming in the recent times and majority of the sectors ranging from retail to hospitality,from personal to corporate and many others need a compliance for security. A security guard is professionally trained individual may be an armed or unarmed which ensures protection of the assets ranging from human lives to physical property from criminal activities.
At Naik Security Services our guards along with supervision team make sure of the safety, they are given rigorous training so that they can best cater to their responsibilities. Our company strictly follows the general requirement procedures (based on international standards) and strict interviewing procedures to recruit one of the best and most efficient personnel in the industry.


  • Administrative Ease
  • Customer Care
  • Regular Interaction and Research
  • Trained & Uniformed Manpower
  • Qualified Personnel
  • Lower Costs..

Selection Criteria

  • Less and 45 yrs of age.
  • Military Bearing
  • Police verification
  • Preferably matriculate of minimum.
  • 2 Year of security background
  • Physical Fitness

Standard of physical fitness for security guards:-

A person shall be eligible for being engaged or employed as security guard, if he fulfill the standards of physical fitness as specified below :-
  • Height - Men -5'.6''
  • Women - 5'.2''
  • Weight - According to standard table of height and weight.
  • Chest-Men -31'' with an expansion of 32.1/2'' Women - No minimum requirement.
  • Free from knock-knee and flat-foot and should be able to run one kilometer in six minutes.
  • Hearing: free from defect; should be able to hear and respond to the spoken voice and the alarms generated by Security equipments.
  • A candidate should be free from evidence of any contagious or infectious disease. He should not be suffering from any disease, which is likely to be aggravated by service or is likely to render him unfit for service or endanger the health of the public.
  • The candidate should have dexterity and strength to perform searches, handle objects and use force for restraining the individuals in case of need.

Trainig Courses

  • Basic Course (7 Days after taking over)
  • Refresher Course (2 days quarterly.)
  • Supervisor Course (3 days after taking over)
  • Capsule Course on fire safety.
  • Basic (3 days)
  • Specialise (4 days special)

The training shall include the following subjects, namely:-

  1. conduct in public and correct wearing of uniform.
  2. physical fitness training.
  3. physical security, security of the assets, security of the building or apartment, personnel security, household security.
  4. fire fighting.
  5. crowd control.
  6. examining identification papers including identity cards, passports and smart cards.
  7. should be able to read and understand English alphabets and Arabic numerals as normally encountered in the identification documents, arms licence, travel documents and security inspection sheet.
  8. identification of improvised explosive devices.
  9. first- aid.
  10. crisis response and disaster management.
  11. defensive driving (compulsory for the driver of Armored vehicle and optional for others).