Trainig Courses

  • Basic Course (7 Days after taking over)
  • Refresher Course (2 days quarterly.)
  • Supervisor Course (3 days after taking over)
  • Capsule Course on fire safety.
  • Basic (3 days)
  • Specialise (4 days special)

The training shall include the following subjects, namely:-

  1. conduct in public and correct wearing of uniform.
  2. physical fitness training.
  3. physical security, security of the assets, security of the building or apartment, personnel security, household security.
  4. fire fighting.
  5. crowd control.
  6. examining identification papers including identity cards, passports and smart cards.
  7. should be able to read and understand English alphabets and Arabic numerals as normally encountered in the identification documents, arms licence, travel documents and security inspection sheet.
  8. identification of improvised explosive devices.
  9. first- aid.
  10. crisis response and disaster management.
  11. defensive driving (compulsory for the driver of Armored vehicle and optional for others).

Our Services

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